: Transport & Truck Terminal

"Transport & Truck Terminal"


V-Serve Transport Ltd. in-cooperate with V-Serve Group operate the truck terminal in various location including King Kaew, Laem Chabang, and Songkhla with over 300 trucks. We establish a network of subcontracts to cover a various needs of transportation demand and ensure excellence service quality. Our truck fleet linked with logistic operation center to provide e - Call center which the customer can follow location and status of the truck by phone and internet ensuring on-time delivery. 

  V-Serve Transport Co., Ltd. was awarded the Q-Mark Award for Quality of Transportation Service by Truck from Land Transport Department Transportation of energy in Thailand 

  • Just In Time Organization
  • Quality Work Best Practice
  • Safety Drive
  • Innovation

V-Serve Transport has environmental friendly strategy and establish academic center to provide educational service for truck driver, transportation staff and general people

"Domestic Transport & Distribution"


  • Domestic Transport & Distribution
  • MTO Provider (Licensed)
  • Outdoor Stuffing
  • Repacking & Re-Labelling & etc. 

   V-Serve Logistics Ltd. provides high quality distribution services direct to shops, dealers, modern trade department stores such as Makro, Big C, Tesco Lotus across the country. We cater for many types of goods such as consumer products, foods, industrial equipments, chemical substances, food additives, electrical appliances and medical supplies. Our distribution centers located in Bangna, Kingkaew and Bangpoo on the area of 40,000 square meters to facilitate customer both in Bangkok and surrounding provinces.